November 2006 Lemon Dance, Pines Manor, Edison, NJ


During our annual Horos tou Lemoniou event Lampousa honored our prominent member and past president of the society Dr. George Christoudias




The Christoudias family during the event 

Lampousa president Stavros Kamilaris presenting the honoree with a replica of the ancient disk of Lampousa.

Another view of the presentation

Past Lampousa presidents, clergy and elected council officials from the occupied town of Karavas were present

Mr. Nicos Papapetrou, elected council official of occupied Karavas, honoring Dr. Christoudias with a commemorative plague

Dr. and Mrs. Christoudias, Stavros Kamilaris and past Lampousa presidents E. Kontos and A.Demetriou enjoy the moment